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DMII offers two different scholarships, the Creative Excellence Scholarship and the Technical Excellence Scholarship.

Creative Excellence Scholarship: To qualify, prospective students will need to submit 10-15 pieces of personal creative artwork. This work can be drawings and/or examples of traditional or digital animation, photography, graphic design, filmmaking or other creative digital media. For tips on submitting your portfolio, please contact us at

Technical Scholarship: To qualify, students must submit at least 5 examples of code.

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Salary Information

Multimedia Artist and Animator

$75,630 is the annual average wage of Multimedia Artists and Animators working in the motion picture and video industries. Theses statistics are from a 2016 US Bureau of Labor report.*

These statistics are national averages and can vary based on many factors such as location. Students should do their own research about their intended market and field.

Computer Developers

$85,680 is the annual average wage of Computer Programmers working in the computer system design and related services industries. Theses statistics are from a 2016 US Bureau of Labor report.**

  * Source ** Source